Bantu Presents Sketch Jam with Mumu Illustrator.

Etubi Onucheyo, who goes by the moniker, Mumu Illustrator, is a 24 year old artist who has developed his own unique and whimsical conceptual style of art and his digital artworks are especially a thing to marvel at.

He has a dream for a young and thriving art community in Abuja and hopes to start on the path towards developing this community through the digital art he shares on his social media (Twitter: @mumu_illustratr & Instagram: mumu_illustrator ) and through the initiation of the Sketch Jam sessions.

Etubi Onucheyo

Watching Etubi tutor his students is what I imagine watching a genius at work is like. He diligently carried his students along every step of the way and you can see his passion and vision in his eyes and in every stroke of his stylus. He works with his eyes constantly roving across the screen, one hand on his laptop and another with his stylus creating magic on the tablet he uses for his digital sketches.

He spoke about his growth as an artist, touching on his failings and generally engaged his students. At the beginning of the class he brought out his speaker to play some music and stated that at every class, a different person would take over the music starting with him at this session and he opted for rock music. He alternated between making his students laugh and regaining their focus on the work at hand.


A mix of different parts of his personality comes out in his artworks, a dark side that enjoys rock music and a humorous side that makes him a very easy person to relate with. One of my favourite things about Etubi is how he embraces himself both in person and in his art. He was clad in a tshirt that is of his own design that had a caption, “Still not your mate oo!” above a wide eyed, mischievous looking girl sitting on the shoulders of a young, grim looking man with an empty stare which he said are his 2 main antagonists.

The Final Piece created during the Sketch Jam

He gave advice to his students regarding art as a business and also stated that, “You have to draw your cup” basically saying how necessary it is to do the standard work to get to where you’re trying to be with your art and as well as find your own path. He also advised them not to wait for this class to learn what they want to learn in order to achieve what they want to achieve, touching on how he has a degree in fine art but went out there and made an effort in order to learn digital art with some friends and without a teacher.

Bantu Presents Sketch Jam with Mumu Illustrator will be holding every Saturday from 12-2pm for N2000 per day and all that’s needed is any drawing tool you use. Be there? It’s definitely an experience.

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