Bantu Studio Presents: Foreground 

This week we are glad to introduce the latest addition to the Collective. Ross is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Artist. He has partnered with a few great artists of our time creating music covers and accompanying material; his long list of clients include Las gidii, Lady Donli, Banky On D Beatz and Our Very own Tay, just to name a few of the numerous talents Ross has graced with his imaginative approach to Graphic Design.

Ross ventured from hand Drawing to Techincal illustrations creating visual aesthetics that attract Musicians and artists across different genres of the music industry, working with constraints and restrictions Ross still comes out on top delivering awe-inspiring pieces of art that speak to our inner sense of adventure.

Our team keeps growing with young and exceptional talent. Bantu Studio aims to be a hub for all creatives and a discussion arena for ideas relative to the growth of Art Culture and community in Nigeria.

we are glad Ross is a part of the ever-growing creative team, with different ideas and identities we are able to tap into further deliver our message of creativity without boundaries.



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